Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO)

Delivery Unit Optimization is also referred to Delivery Unit Relocation. This process is the moving of routes from one office to be relocated in to another post office. The USPS is looking at offices that are within approximately 10 miles of each other, nine or less routes, and Postmasters that are retiring in the near future. The USPS is looking at where the cost savings would be under these stipulations. The settlement of the NRLCA Class Action, Q06R-4Q-C 10218691, was signed and agreed upon by Joey Johnson, NRLCA, Director of Labor Relations, and Cathy Perron, USPS, Labor Relations Specialist, on August 27, 2010. Please visit the website under “What’s New” to view this settlement.

I will keep you informed on the website as news of which offices are to be relocated in to what offices. I may not be informed in a timely manner by the USPS.

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