Friday, February 23, 2018
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Board Policy

Board Policy


Bank Accounts
All money accounts for local units will be established at Atlanta Postal Credit Union.


Corrective Action
Corrective action may be imposed on any OHRLCA member appointed to a paid position for the following reasons, violation of the constitution or policies set forth by the OHRLCA State board.

The OHRLCA State Board may impose such action but not limited to on the following grounds.

A. Neglect of duty or breach of the Constitution.
B. Conduct detrimental to the welfare and interest of the membership of the Association
C. Conduct, which hinders the due process of the grievance procedure.
D. Instigating or engaging in the acts on the side of management that violate the principles of the National Agreement or Constitution


The Board will train incoming District Secretaries.

The state board shall maintain and manage a complete and accurate inventory of all association owned property.  The master inventory list will detail each item and the included related peripherals.   As inventory items are assigned to individuals or transferred among individuals, they will be signed for upon receipt. The Secretary-Treasurer or authorized board member must authorize all returned, transferred or disposal of equipment.  Each equipment item will be verified with the Association's equipment inventory listing.  Custodial responsibility will be enforced and the member will be charged for the cost of replacement or repair of the association property. Association Property also includes hardware, software, and programs built while in Association's assignment.


Financial:  The Executive Board defines “quarterly review” of the Association Financial Records as to oversight by professionals as to “proper accounting practices.


Gifts, Awards & Flowers
Money that would be spent for flowers or memorial be limited to current and past State Association Board members & spouses, Auxiliary Board members and Spouses.


Request for Leave for full-time Association’s Employees must be submitted on an OH-3971 (request of absence).  Approval must be obtained from the State President.  The approved OH-3971 will be presented to the Secretary-Treasurer for recording and filling.

Any time an employee of the state is outside the state, not on national paid training or official business for the state, they must be on leave.

Lodging and Per Diem
All vouchers requesting reimbursement for overnight lodging must include an explanation of why lodging was necessary.


If a District wishes to do any organization and/or membership work outside of the normally scheduled spring and/or fall meeting, the President or Secretary/Treasurer shall contact the State President outlining the intended plans. The State President in conjunction with the State Secretary-Treasurer shall approve or disapprove the plans. If mailings are planned, they shall be prepared by the District Secretary-Treasurer with assistance from the State Secretary-Treasurer if needed and mailed at the District’s expense.


National Convention

Any member required by the OHRLCA State Board to be at the National Convention prior to Tuesday morning for a meeting will be paid, ADOP, lodging and per diem.


 It is the desire of the governing body of the OHRLCA to establish a board policy that will facilitate the publication of a newsletter that is in compliance with the National Guidelines. The State Board, National Steward System District Representatives, Editor and those with an appointed position required to submit articles for publication in The Ohio Rural Letter Carrier magazine will follow the guidelines listed below when preparing materials for submission. In order to abide by the labor laws, the OHRLCA will follow the National Guidelines for publications as set forth by the NRLCA.


All information or articles submitted by State Board members or requested by members for print in The Ohio Rural Letter Carrier magazine must be approved by the State President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and State Editor, and to the National Steward District Representatives if it contains contractual  /steward issues.The OHRLCA Editor and the State President have the final authority for print.


Information submitted for print must be absolutely true and factual without statements that could be libelous (containing material that is defamatory or leaves an unfavorable impression).


The Ohio Rural Letter Carrier is not "free press" in that it is not open for publication of all members’ views. It is a Union funded, regulated paper and materials contained within the paper must meet the prescribed criteria.


Inspirational type articles may be included in the paper but cannot contain any quoted or referenced passage or verse from any religious material.


Union funds cannot be used to promote any individual candidate. Therefore, any article submitted for publication may not contain any type of campaign material, thank you, or listing of a person’s accomplishments. In the same manner, attacks of a personal nature are also forbidden. This is the accepted procedure at all times.


A generalized thank-you, such as to a district or committee, with no personal gain acknowledged or intended is permissible.


The OHRLCA Auxiliary will be fiscally responsible for the space used in the magazine at a rate equal to the costs incurred as outlined in the Affiliation Agreement that was adopted by the OHRLCA and the OHRLCA Auxiliary.


Outstanding Checks
That any outstanding Association check older than six months at the time the accountant does the quarterly review of the financial records will be voided and the money returned to the active account. Any one that has a voided check will have it replaced upon proper notification to the Secretary-Treasurer.


Adopted the Whistle Blower Policy, Record Retention, and Destruction Policy.


State Convention
The member(s) of Committees that are required to report to the State Convention a day early will receive a day’s room fee reimbursement.  The member (s) of the Audit, Election, Constitution, and Resolution Committee will receive a $100 stipend, all committee members will receive one (1) day per diem.  No committee member will receive more than one (1) days per diem, per day, during the State Convention.


Telecommunication Lines and Devices

Telecommunication line and devices supplied or required by the Ohio Rural Letter Carriers’ Association shall be considered an authorized expense and covered by the association.  Specific line item calls must be verified and approved by the Executive Board.


All travel expenses must be documented with, when, where and why travel was necessary. Travel miles will be compensated according to Google Maps using the most direct route.



Pre-approval is required for nonrecurring expenses over $250 or for equipment not supplied by the Association.

All vouchers requesting ADOP must include a copy of an approved PS Form 3971 for proof of the loss of a day's pay.

All vouchers requesting an ADOP must include a copy of a recent pay stub to verify pay rate.

All vouchers requesting ADOP must be documented as for the reason the day was taken.

All vouchers requesting ADOP must be submitted within 30 days of occurrence.

Only expenses that are presented with a receipt will receive reimbursement.

Only expenses that are presented with a receipt will be paid for the expense.


All vouchers with Union related meal expenses included must include who had the meal, why it was purchased and the cost of each meal.  No alcoholic beverages will be paid for by the Association. 

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